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Jan 5, 2024

The Best Xero Alternative In 2024

The Best Xero Alternative In 2024

The Best Xero Alternative In 2024

Accounting software is a digital tool designed to manage, track, and report financial transactions for businesses and individuals.

In 2024, if you're looking for the best Xero alternative, you've got plenty of options to consider.

As a quick background, Xero has been one of the most long-standing competitors to Quickbooks, an accounting software that we’ve also reviewed on our blog. Though, compared to Quickbooks and Fortune App, Xero falls short because of confusing reporting mechanisms, messy payroll, restricted journal entries, and so on.

That being said, Finding the right accounting software is crucial whether you're a small business owner or an accountant. 

This guide introduces a top-notch choice for its user-friendliness, comprehensive features, and affordability. It's designed to make managing your finances more accessible than ever, providing a seamless experience that rivals Xero, and overcomes it’s shortcomings that we mentioned above. 

Xero - A Brief Overview

Xero, emerging as a competitor to the best-leading accounting software, has garnered attention in the accounting software landscape. Accountants and business owners often prefer it, particularly those not managing payroll.

The reason behind it is because they have a messy payroll management system that nearly everyone has a difficult time getting used to, and that’s not the only thing. Many users have reported that despite being an accounting software with vast capabilities, the overall software is very difficult to get used to, which frustrates their users.

Still, compared to accounting softwares like Quickbooks, it’s much more modernized and usable, since it was designed for bookkeepers, and not to replace them entirely.

Features Of Xero

Xero offers a user-friendly interface with efficient financial reporting and payroll management, albeit with some limitations. 

Unique features include Cash Coding for rapid transaction coding and robust integration with Microsoft. 

However, it lacks customization and has limited search functionality for quotes and invoices. Despite these drawbacks, Xero is appreciated for its stable pricing, fewer glitches compared to competitors, and its integral role in the small business ecosystem. 

It is especially favored for its ease of use and effective app integration.

Pricing Of Xero

Pros Of Xero

  • User-Friendly: Xero is often praised for its ease of use.

  • Multi-company management made easy: Xero makes it very easy for high-scale entrepreneurs to manage multiple companies and invoices easier.

  • Designed to aid bookkeepers: Instead of trying to replace bookkeepers, Xero was made to aid the users in making accounting more simplified

  • Integration with Other Apps: It integrates well with various apps, enhancing its utility.

  • Stable Pricing: Less frequent pricing changes compared to competitors.

  • Quality Support: When accessible, Xero’s customer support is generally considered excellent and friendly.

  • Ecosystem Integration: Xero is part of a larger small business ecosystem.

Cons Of Xero

  • Limited Reporting and Features: Some users find the reporting confusing and lacking features like payroll management.

  • Messy payroll management: Xero has a highly mis-managed, complex payroll system that drives away their users.

  • In-efficient Customer Support: Their email support has been highly criticized, to the point where users reported being locked out of their account while the billing was still active.

  • Interface and Personalization: The interface is seen as outdated and too minimalistic, with limited customization options.

  • Support Accessibility: Accessibility to customer support can be frustrating, though quality is good once contact is made.

  • Microsoft-centric Integration: Preferential integration with Microsoft over Google.

  • Data Organization and Management: Challenges with data organization include the inability to delete customers or organize information flexibly.

Where does Xero Lack?

Xero, while praised for many aspects, has its share of shortcomings. 

Financial Reporting and Payroll Management are notable areas where Xero falls short. Users often find the reporting tools limited, particularly their inability to add percentages and handle complex payroll tasks efficiently. 

Data Organization also presents challenges; the system lacks flexible customer management options, including the inability to delete customers, and offers limited search capabilities for locating specific documents like quotes or invoices. 

Another significant shortfall is in User Interface Customization. Users seeking personalized dashboards or a more adaptable layout find Xero's minimalistic design too rigid. 

Customer Support is another pain point. While support may reply timely (in some cases they don’t), their email support has been highly criticized of locking people out of their accounts, which is concerning.

Additionally, Xero's Microsoft-centric approach can be limiting for those heavily reliant on Google's suite of tools, hindering seamless integration for these users.

The Best Alternative To Xero In 2023 - Fortune App

The Fortune App stands out in the search for the best Xero alternative in 2023. It's tailored to meet high earners' and online businesses' unique needs, leveraging AI to revolutionize financial management. Fortune App offers a fresh perspective on handling finances, aiming to streamline the daily financial interactions of businesses.

Fortune App distinguishes itself with an AI-enhanced approach, aiming to simplify and enhance the financial management process. It's designed for efficiency and ease of use, catering to businesses looking for a modern, tech-savvy accounting solution.

Features Of Fortune App

  • Streamlined Dashboard: A comprehensive view of financial metrics, including revenue, expenses, cash flow, and account balances.

  • Universal Bank Integration: Seamlessly integrates with over 17,000 banks worldwide, facilitating a unified financial perspective without additional fees.

  • Detailed Transaction Search: Allows for efficient tracking of transactions across all connected banks using various parameters.

  • Expense Category Breakdown: Helps analyse spending patterns and identify potential savings opportunities.

  • Cross-platform Accessibility: Accessible on mobile and web platforms, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

  • AI-powered Automation: Reduces manual data entry with continuous, automated financial updates.

  • Robust Security: Prioritizes the security and privacy of users’ financial data.

Pros of Fortune App

  • Innovative Design: Regularly updates and adds features based on user feedback.

  • Autonomous Financial Management: Automates routine accounting tasks, making financial management effortless.

  • Multi-currency Support: Accommodates users of US, Canada, and Europe with multi-currency accounting.

  • Streamlining Tools: Offers an advanced alternative to manual systems like Google Sheets, with ongoing improvements.

Cons Of Fortune App

  • Relative Newness: Being a newer application, it may lack an extensive track record or user reviews compared to well-established competitors.

In summary, Fortune App emerges as a dynamic and efficient alternative to Xero in 2023. Its focus on AI-driven features, global bank integration, and user-centric design make it a promising option for businesses looking to upgrade their financial management tools. 

While its relative newness in the market may pose some uncertainty, its innovative features and planned enhancements make it a contender worth considering.

Why Fortune Is Better Than Xero?

Fortune stands out as a better choice than Xero for several reasons. 

Its AI-enhanced approach streamlines and automates financial management, significantly reducing manual data entry and improving efficiency. 

Unlike Xero, Fortune offers a more global perspective with universal bank integration, supporting over 17,000 banks worldwide without extra fees, and includes multi-currency support for users across the US, Canada, and Europe. 

Its user-responsive design continuously evolves based on feedback, ensuring a platform that adapts to user needs. 

Additionally, Fortune's advanced tools, such as detailed transaction search and expense category breakdown, provide deeper financial insights, making it a more versatile and forward-thinking solution.‍

Comparison Table Of Xero and Fortune


Limited accounting software

Minimalistic, with limited customization options

Restricted Financial Reporting

While Xero does provide reporting features, they’re very nominal compared to Fortune App

No AI Usage

Xero, as of now, does not have any AI usage or capabilities

Standard Bank Interfacing

Standard integration with minimal banks across the US and EU.

Limited search functionality

Xero provides basic search capabilities when it comes to transaction search.

Robust Data Protection

Xero, being a traditional accounting software, provides basic security features that don’t too beyond their login/signup.

Slow Support

Users have often complained regarding the slow support harbored by Quickbooks


Extensive Features

Fortune App is an accounting software with an extensive feature list

In-depth financial reporting

Fortune has a stream of AI-powered tools that offer advanced insights.

Extensive Use Of AI

Fortune App makes automation, reporting and financial tracking easy using AI.

Limitless interfacing

Universal integration with over 17,000+ across EU, UK and CA.

Detailed Searching Mechanism

Detailed transaction search across all banks connected via Fortune App.

Prioritizes User Safety

Fortune App uses high-end security protocol to keep user data safe.

24/7 Customer ConciergeFortune's 24/7 customer service outshines Quickbooks slow support

Bottom Line

In conclusion, while Xero offers a reliable, user-friendly experience with efficient financial management, Fortune App distinguishes itself as a more innovative and globally integrated alternative. 

Its AI-driven approach, extensive bank integration, and focus on automation and user feedback make it a forward-thinking choice for businesses seeking advanced financial management tools. 

The decision between Xero and Fortune ultimately depends on the specific needs of a business, with Fortune leading in innovation and global functionality and Xero maintaining a robust and stable presence in the market.


  1. Is there an alternative to Xero?

Yes, there are several alternatives to Xero, including the Fortune App, offering unique features and pricing structures to suit different business needs.

  1. Who Is Xero's Biggest Competitor?

Xero's biggest competitor is QuickBooks Online, known for its extensive user base, comprehensive features, and strong market presence in the accounting software industry.

  1. Is There A Free Version Of Xero Accounting?

No, Xero does not offer a free version. However, it provides a trial period for users to test its features before committing to a subscription plan.

  1. What Is The Cheapest Alternative To Xero?

The Fortune App is one of the cheapest alternatives to Xero, offering many basic accounting features for free, making it ideal for small businesses and freelancers.

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