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Jan 5, 2024

The Best Sage Alternative In 2024

The Best Sage Alternative In 2024

The Best Sage Alternative In 2024

Accounting software is a digital tool that helps firms easily track revenue, costs, and financial data for precise financial management and reporting. It records, processes, and manages financial transactions.

In the dynamic world of accounting and financial management, it's imperative to stay ahead of the curve with the right software. As we step into 2024, the search for the best Sage alternative has never been more critical. 

While Sage has long been a trusted name in the industry, there’s a reason it used to be an IT guys worst nightmare back in the day, considering the software has a very complex learning curve, and is very hard to use.

It’s a high name in the industry, that’s for sure, but that, in no way, means that’s good. But sinc there are a lot of new players in the industry that are actively rolling out services that are helpful, it’s crucial to explore the best Sage Alternatives that offer innovative features, user-friendly interfaces, and cost-effective solutions. 

This blog post is your compass to navigate the changing landscape of financial software. We will explore the top alternative to Sage in 2023 and 2024, providing you with valuable insights into the most promising options available.

An Overview of Sage

Sage is a versatile accounting software that empowers small business owners to manage their finances, track income and expenses in multiple currencies, monitor inventory, and streamline invoice management. 

Their most praised feature, according to users online, is their inventory management. Whether you’re offering products, services or anything, Sage makes it easy to manage them all in one single space. In addition, they also have other features like tax payments, which make tax planning and paying very easy.

However, there’s also a lot of places where they lack. For example, bank transaction reconciliations are terrible if you have to split payments to multiple clients. There are times users have reported that the payment would either disappear, or get stuck in the backlog for days until support addresses it.

The desktop application for Sage is also quite sensitive in perspective of OS updates. Numerous times, the app will completely flip out during a Windows update, giving IT support a lot of trouble.

It's an ideal solution for microbusinesses, SMEs and freelancers seeking efficient and organized financial management.


Sage offers a wide range of features to streamline business processes. From accounting and financial management to HR and payroll, Sage covers it all. Some key features include:

  • Invoice Management: Sage simplifies invoice creation, integrates with Stripe, and offers real-time payment tracking. It provides automated invoicing and customizable templates, optimizing payment processing.

  • Bill Payments: Sage's A/R and A/P functions keep tabs on what you owe and what's owed to you, streamlining cash flow management and ensuring you never miss payments.

  • Inventory Tracking: Real-time stock level monitoring, product categorization, reorder level setting, and out-of-stock notifications make inventory management efficient for product-based businesses.

  • Business Reporting: Sage generates financial reports, aiding better decision-making. You can easily share and export reports in various formats for team collaboration, investor communication, and tax purposes.


The pricing of Sage depends on which Sage proprietary software you’re using, and the price varies for each single one..

For example, the simple Sage Accounting software starts from a low of £14/month, while the highest tier package goes as high as £36.

On the other hand, if you check software variant like the Sage 50 Accounting, you’ll see a minimum price of $58.92 , while the highside goes up to about $160.00 

Pros of Sage App

  1. Affordable Monthly Costs

One of the Sage App's primary benefits is its low monthly cost. This low-cost subscription model enables firms to access substantial capabilities without significant upfront commitment. It is a cost-effective choice, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.

  1. Full-Featured Mobile App

Sage's mobile app is a notable feature. It allows customers to handle their financial activities while on the go. 

  1. Multi Currency Support

For businesses involved in international trade or dealing with customers and suppliers in various countries, Sage's multi currency support is a significant advantage. 

  1. Seamless Integration with Third-Party Apps

Sage App offers seamless integration with various third-party applications, making it versatile and adaptable to various business needs. 

Cons of Sage App

  1. No Time-Tracking Feature

One notable shortcoming of the Sage App is the absence of a time-tracking feature. The lack of this feature may necessitate using additional software or manual methods for time tracking.

  1. Limited Report Customization

Sage App's report customization options are limited, which may not be suitable for businesses with specific reporting requirements. Customizing reports to match the unique needs of the business can be challenging, and some users may find this restriction frustrating.

  1. Outdated Interface

The user interface of Sage App has been criticized for its dated appearance. The interface may not meet the aesthetic and usability standards of some users. 

  1. Expensive Plans

Sage is in no way an affordable accounting software. With the smallest of their packages starting from $595+ a year, it's clear that this accounting software is better suited for the big fish in the pond.

  1. Poor Support

Support is the backbone of any accounting software platform, since users run into a lot of problems with the one thing they’re concerned about: their money. Still, many users have taken to platforms like Reddit

  1. Often categorized as “Not a real software company”

Though that might not be extensively true, Sage does have a reputation of buying smaller tech companies, and bundling their softwares under their own logo to showcase their own innovativeness. Over the years, this has proved to make their systems much more complex, leading to poor customer reviews and satisfaction.

The Best Alternative To Sage In 2023 - Fortune App

In the ever-evolving financial management landscape, 2023 introduces us to a game-changer, the Fortune App. Fortune is not your average budgeting app. It's a state-of-the-art financial management tool for high earners and online businesses. What sets it apart is its deep financial analytics powered by artificial intelligence. 

Features of Fortune

  • Automatic Transaction Refresh: Fortune automates updating your financial transactions, ensuring you always have the latest data at your fingertips.

  • Personal AI Accountant: With Fortune, you'll receive personalized financial advice and insights from your AI accountant, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

  • Expense Categorization: Easily categorize your expenses, simplifying the tracking of your expenditures and providing valuable insights.

  • Daily Transaction Analysis: Stay informed about your spending habits with daily analyses of your financial transactions.

  • Multi-Bank Integration: Fortune seamlessly connects and manages multiple bank accounts from a single app, giving you a comprehensive view of your finances.

  • Real-Time Customer Support: If you ever need assistance or have questions, rest assured that Fortune's customer support team can provide immediate help.

Pros of Fortune

  • Streamlined Insights

  • Fortune seamlessly connects to over 17,000 bank accounts without additional costs, providing two years of transaction history for insightful analysis.

  • Quickly locate transactions by name, date, or category, streamlining financial tracking across multiple banks.

  • Let AI handle data entry, ensuring your transactions and financial metrics are continuously updated.

  • Your financial data is safeguarded, providing peace of mind and transparency.

Cons of Fortune

  • As a new app, Fortune lacks many critical reviews, making it challenging for potential users to assess its long-term performance.

  • Fortune is specifically designed for high earners and online businesses, potentially excluding other user groups with different financial needs.

Why Is Fortune Better Than Sage?

Fortune surpasses Sage with its AI-driven financial insights, real-time transaction updates, multi-bank integration, and personalized support. 

Unlike Sage, Fortune App caters specifically to high earners and online businesses, offering streamlined analytics and automation while ensuring data security. Its forward-thinking approach and intuitive features make Fortune the superior choice for modern financial management.‍

Comparison Table Of Sage and Fortune


Targets a broad, corporate usebase

Being an expensive platform, Sage targets high-end corporations

Limited AI integration

Sage is more of a broad accounting management app, and doesn’t use extensive AI

Manual Transaction Updates

Only allows manual or scheduled transaction updates

Basic Transaction Search

Sage lacks advanced search capabilities for transactions for businesses

Limited Bank Integration

Only available for North America

Standard Customer Support

Users can access support using email and phone


Targets High earners & businesses  

Fortune App targets agencies and business owners looking for personalized insights.

Extensive AI insights

Fortune App has personalized, deep AI insights that help forecast and manage cash flows.

Immediate Transaction Data Refresh

Keeps financial data constantly updated, offering more current insights than Mint's daily refresh.

Efficient Transaction Search

Facilitates quick transaction searches, a feature not supported by Sage right now.

Extensive Bank Compatibility

Seamlessly integrates with banks globally, in Europe, Canada and US.

Real time, personalized support

Fortune's 24/7 customer service outshines all of their competitors

Fortune offers specialized features for high earners and online businesses, including AI-driven insights and real-time transaction updates, while Sage caters to a broader user base with budgeting capabilities.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Fortune emerges as a forward-looking financial management solution tailored for high earners and online businesses. With its advanced AI-driven insights, real-time transaction updates, and personalized support, it offers a modern and efficient alternative to Sage, positioning itself as the ideal choice for those seeking innovative financial control in 2023/24.


What Is Similar To Sage Accounting?

Like Sage Accounting, software solutions like Fortune App, Xero, and FreshBooks offer comprehensive financial management tools for businesses. They provide features for invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting, catering to various user needs.

Is There A Free Version Of Sage Accounting?

Sage Accounting typically offers a 30-day free trial but does not have a permanent free version. Please check their website for any updates or changes regarding free versions.

Is Sage Better Or Xero?

Sage and Xero are both popular accounting software, but the choice depends on your needs. Sage offers robust features for established businesses, while Xero is more user-friendly for startups and small enterprises. Evaluate based on your specific requirements.

Is Sage Accounting an ERP?

Sage Accounting is not a full-fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. While it offers accounting and financial management features, it lacks the comprehensive business process integration typically found in ERP solutions.

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